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Consulting für Kandidaten
Consulting for candidates


Integrity, Sensitivity, efficiency and partnership are the guiding principles for our success.

As your competent business partner for all issues concerning management and human resources it is our concern to support you when it comes to your specific needs and goals. We pay attention to cooperate in a spirit of confidentiality and partnership. On this basis, we take into account your personal interests, showing due sensitivity and social skills. We see it as our task to create a win-win-situation for all parties involved.

Suitability diagnostics, international test system - potential analysis and assessment center . The diagnosis system is a test and assessment system, tailored to business needs, to describe personality traits, risk taking behavior, motivation and values. More...

Implacement Coaching - We feel committed to give support to our candidates in their new professional environment even after they have taken up employment. For this reason, we meet and discuss with our candidates and clients at regular intervals.

Outplacement / Newplacement - Parting company in a professional manner pays. An exemplary corporate culture includes feeling committed to handling the separation process in a fair and honest manner. Your former staff member remains your future business card. "You always meet twice in life". More...

Diagnosis of entrepreneurial potentials - Psychological diagnostics regarding succession, setting up business or operating a franchise. Specialist knowledge, business contacts, starting capital and enthusiasm for a business idea are not enough. What is often underestimated - personality - plays a great role. It decides to a great degree whether someone will be successful as a businessman or not. A thorough stocktaking of one´s own personality and the building up of a psychological entrepreneurial profile help minimizing risks.

Interim solutions - External experts on a temporary basis - There may arise situations when it makes sense for companies to enlist the support of external specialists (interim manager) for a limited period of time to carry out a particular task or project. More...

Career choice diagnostics / career counselling - Psychological diagnostics in career choice and career planning. Determining suitability for an occupation in time lays the basis for a happy and successful life, and saves time and costs. Those who fear being overwhelmed by professional routine should also take time for a stocktaking of their own personality. We offer you a precise strengths and weaknesses analysis, or potential analysis, including detailed and informed conclusion, and career orientation counselling. More...