Executive Search - Direct contacting, based on integrity and sensitivity, of potential candidates. Selection and assessment of candidates suited to meet the agreed requirements. Presentation of candidates and consulting on the selection of the future jobholder.

The human being is of great importance for the success of your organization. His energy and creativity, as well as his personality, are an integral part of the development and success of your business. We support you in finding and selecting the candidate best suited to the position to be filled.

Recognizing your needs and requirements
In a deep-going discussion, you and our consultants analyze the essential qualifications needed to fill the position. Taking into account the requirements resulting from your corporate philosophy and the vacant position, we build up a detailed profile of the new staff member´s professional and personal capabilities. Apart from his professional traits, we pay great attention to personality traits and capabilities needed by the ideal candidate to be successful in the relevant position.

client briefing

drawing up of requirement profile

defining a search strategy

drawing up list of target companies


diligent profiling and transparency

market research

contacting industry insiders to generate recommendations

identification of and contacting of potential candidates

drawing up the candidate longlist

extensive, quick and target oriented research

personal, structured interviews with candidates

drawing up the candidate shortlist

writing of confidential suitability reports on the candidates best qualified

complete assessment of qualified candidates

presentation of candidates in personal interviews with the client

selection of suitable candidates

obtaining references where appropriate

conducting a management diagnostics test where appropriate

carefully targeted selection of candidates

support during contract neotiations

Implacement Coaching during the training period following employment

notice of rejection for the candidates not hired

client feedback
internal quality reviews

help during familiarisation and integration

Typical Executive Search project process at Walter partners Executive Consultants

Finding the best people/candidates
Longstanding experience in Executive Search has helped us develop distinct methods for directly contacting, while showing integrity and confidentiality, professionals and executives. We rely on a constantly updated and carefully maintained database and network contacts in many industries. This enables us to identify those candidates who suit your requirement profile best.

Direct contact
Our direct contact approach, based on integrity and confidentiality, enables us to make an evaluation of who of the selected candidates suits the position to be filled. We stimulate interest among these qualified candidates in the new task. With each of the selected candidates, we conduct a structured and focused interview. This interview is conducted by the consultant who from the beginning bears responsibility for the project. He has the knowledge to accurately outline the opportunities and challenges of the new task and most clearly illustrate the client´s corporate culture. Our consultant has the ability to put himself in the motivational situation of the desired candidate. He will answer his critically-minded questions truthfully and credibly. This approach enables him to win over even professionals and executives for the vacancy, who are actually not looking for a new job. The personal recommendation of our consultant in favour of employment is highly valued by candidates

Selecting candidates
As soon as we have convinced ourselves personally that a candidate suits the vacant position, he is included in the shortlist. Further personal interviews will explore, apart from education and career opportunities, behavioural aspects of working practices and attitudes. The answers make it possible for us to assess the candidate´s chances in your organization. In this context, we would like to mention that suitable candidates can take part in a meaningful management diagnostic test (see management diagnostics). We provide our client with a limited list of candidates. Through benchmarking we arrive at a carefully targeted selection of suitable candidates.