Eignungsdiagnostik mit maƟgeschneiderten Tools
Expert suitability diagnostics based on tailor-made tools

Expert suitability diagnostics based on tailor-made tools

Expert suitability diagnostics - Companies wishing to raise standards on the quality of suitability assessments for the selection of candidates or internal staff development, get professional support from one of our experts by means of additional powerful diagnostic instruments that have stood the test of practice for years.

Psychological diagnostics in German, English, French and other languages for:
  • Personnel selection
  • staff development
  • Career planning
  • Career choice

Since 1981, we have calculated normed comparative data from true-to-life test situations in order to be able to offer our clients a tailor-made selection procedure.

Strong predictive power*
- predictive validity: -
r = 0.74
helps you realize higher contribution margins.

Duration: between 3 - 8 hours.
Implementation: individually or in groups

1. Structured interview including role play.

2. Application of psychometric test series to register position-related performance and personality characteristics relevant for the position. Intelligence test, general proficiency tests, functional and suitability tests and personality test procedures.

3. Shortly after testing, the psychological profile including overall assessment is available.

4. The test report is prepared separately for every participant -i.e., not as a set of "text modules" - within one week. It can also serve as basis for measures promoting staff development.

*Gosslar, H & Lindstam, S. (1999)