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Jürgen Walter was a member of the executive at Brink's Deutschland GmbH in 2001 and served as Director of Sales and Marketing. At the time, he broadened his experience in the course of his ongoing education, e.g., in the Deutscher Arbeitskreis für Gruppenpsychotherapie und Gruppendynamik (DAGG). He saw his philosophy of leadership confirmed - that leadership by example and closeness to staff members are the very key to entrepreneurial success and also to personal happiness and fulfillment. Quite logically, therefore, his desire to be successful in the field of human resources and management resulted in his career choice as an executive consultant.

In June 2003, the company Walter Managementberatung (Walter Executive Consultants) was registered in the Rhein-Main-area. Jürgen Walter started as a partner, cooperating with Homann & Nitsch, Frankfurt. Wishing to extend cooperation as a partner, he became in 2006 a partner of Steinbach & Partner in their Frankfurt branch. There he was able to make use of a broad range of services and an international network. At the time, Steinbach & Partner were the third most important management and personnel consulting company in Germany, and, by virtue of the international network EESN (European Executive Search Network), ranked seventh on a global scale.

In April 2008, Jürgen Walter, as a partner of Steinbach & Partner, opened up a branch in Mannheim. Together with his consultants and employees he has served and supported customers from a wide range of sectors: plant and mechanical engineering, automotive industry, construction, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, electronics and electrical engineering, energy, renewable energy and energy supply, Financial services, banking, beverage industry, trade, IT sector, power plant construction and engineering, logistics, transport and traffic, public sector, taxes and auditing, and telecommunications.

2009/2010, around the turn of the year, Steinbach & Partner restructured and parted company with all their partners in Germany.

Since then, the management and personnel consulting in Mannheim has been trading as Walter & Partner Managementberatung (Executive Consultants).
In January 2022, Walter & Partner Managementberatung became Walter partners Managementberatung GmbH.