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We have successfully placed vacant positions for our clients, both nationally and internationally. Our search strategy, combined with carefully targeted methods of selection, shows very good results, finding expression in high and sustained placement numbers as well as in short project duration.

Below you find some examples of successful placements:

Assistant to the Board of Directors (m/f)
Managing Director (m/f)
Head of Finance, Accounting and Controlling (m/f)
Head of HR Central Europe (m/f)
Sales Manager / Sales Person Metal working and processing (m/f)
Production Manager Chemistry (m/f)
Consultant Private Banking (m/f)
Group Manager Planning Large Vehicles and Carrier Vehicles (m/f)
Sales Manager / Sales Person Metal working and processing (m/f)
Freight Forwarding Manager National Arrivals (m/f) and Director Food (m/f)
Head of Contract Logistics - Warehouse Manager (m/f) WP 1351
Freight Forwarding Manager (m/f)
Branch Manager (m/f)
Area Sales Manager South & South East Europe (m/f)
Area Sales Manager CIS & Middle East (m/f)
Area Sales Manager India & USA (m/f)
Project Manager Competence Centre Maintenance (m/f)
Project manager Process Engineering (m/f)
Head of Sales & Marketing Medical/Consumer/Industry (m/f)
Business Development Manager Medical Technology / Pharma (m/f)
Business Development Manager (m/f)
Sales Manager Air & Sea Freight and Land Transport (m/f)
Team leader Internal Auditing (m/f)
Assistant to Production Management / Management (Chemistry) (m/f)
Sales Manager Air & Sea Luxembourg (m/f)
Dispatcher National Long-Distance Transport (m/f)
Quality Representative / Deputy Warehouse Manager (m/f)
Project Manager Process Engineering (m/f)
Head of Works Engineering Chemistry (m/f)
Senior Project Manager Chemistry North America (m/f)
Project Manager CC Energy & Utilities (m/f)
Group Manager Planning Local Transport (m/f)
Dispatcher European Land Transport (m/f)
Project Manager / Sales Engineer Mechanical Engineering (m/f)
Head of Project Management Manufacturing Execution System (MES) (m/f)
Group Manager Planning Local Transport (m/f)
Project Manager Electrical & Instrumentation (m/f)
Head of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) (m/f)
Head of Land Transport Europe (m/f)
Process Chemist (m/f)
Automation Engineer Chemistry (m/f)
Dispatcher Food Logistics Belgium (m/f)
Head of Global Mining Technologies (m/f)
Designer Mechanical Engineering / Mechanics (m/f)
Head of Applications Engineering Chemistry (m/f)
Head of R & D Chemistry (m/f)
Chemical Engineer / Scientist (m/f)
Project Designer / Schedule Planner (m/f)
Head of Process Engineering (m/f)
Team Leader / Call Center Out-/Inbound (m/f)
Promotion Manager (m/f)
Head of Project Management (m/f)
Regional Head of Personnel (m/f)
Marketing Manager (m/f)
Call Center Manager / Division Manager (m/f)
Market Development Manager Food Packaging (m/f)
Business Development / Sales Manager Germany - Eastern Europe (m/f)
Head of Hydraulics for Hydraulic Machines / Plants (m/f)
Sales Manager (m/f)
Works Manager Warehouse (m/f)
Clerk Sales Department (m/f)
Technical Director (m/f)
Engineer Pressure and Steam Technology (m/f)
Head of Contract Logistics / Warehouse Manager (m/f)
Export Manager / Operations Manager (m/f)
Controller Logistics Warehouse (m/f)
Head of Accounting (Logistics) Southwest Germany (m/f)
Head of Accounting (Logistics) West Germany (m/f)
Sales Manager Logistics (m/f)
Group Manager Planning Local Transport (m/f)
Head of Competence Center Maintenance (m/f)
Technical Project Manager / Sales Engineer (m/f)
Sales Manager Air & Sea Freight (m/f)
Sales Manager Air & Sea Freight (m/f)
Sales Manager / Sales Person Metal Working and Processing (m/f)
Team Leader Tax (m/f)
National Sales Manager (m/f)
Deputy Works Manager Chemistry (m/f)
Business Development / Sales Manager France - North Africa (m/f)
Business Development / Sales Manager Western - Northern Europe (m/f)
Group Manager Export Sea Freight (m/f)
Clerk Sales Department France (m/f)
Key Account Manager (m/f)
Dispatcher Local or Long-Distance Transport (m/f)
Officer Personnel Department (m/f)
Senior Project Manager (m/f)
Works Engineer (m/f)
Head of Car Repair Workshop (m/f)
Service Technician (m/f)
Deputy Works Manager Transshipment Warehouse (m/f)
Dispatcher Large Vehicles and Carrier Vehicles (m/f)
Dispatcher International Land Transport (m/f)
Metal Cutting Operator (m/f) / Vertical boring and turning mill operator (m/f)
Metal Cutting Operator (m/f)
Software Developer C#.NET (m/f)