Suitability diagnostics, international test system

Suitability diagnostics, international test system - Suitability diagnostics, international test system - potential analysis and assessment center . The diagnosis system is a test and assessment system, tailored to business needs, to describe personality traits, risk taking behavior, motivation and values.

On our clients´ request, we also apply enhanced methods of suitability testing to obtain a more precise picture of external candidates´ suitability or the potential of existing staff. In coordination with our client, we use the scientifically substantiated test system HOGAN® to broaden the analysis of potentials, values and behavioural risks. The additional advantage of such a personality analysis is that participants, who fill in the online questionnaire in an encrypted form, can be given practical recommendations for learning and development. Test evaluation is available without undue delay in a standardized fashion, with each participant receiving personal feedback from us.

Test participants receive an ID and a password, so they can log in and answer the questions via internet in an encrypted form. Test results are communicated separately to each participant by certified in-house HOGAN consultants.

Valuable benefit - 8 reasons in favour of HOGAN

  • Broad experience: more than 1.500 clients globally; 60 percent of the Fortune companies trust in Hogan; more than 50.000 assessments are processed every month.
  • Benchmarking with over 3.5 million gainfully employed adults globally, listed in a large database.
  • Equal treatment guarantee by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (USA) and the Law on Equal Treatment (Germany) protecting against discrimination.
  • Seamless integration: once entered, data support the whole process of selection and development: preselection, selection, staff assignment, development and outplacement. Data can also be used for aggregate group analyses.
  • It is a proven fact that Hogan makes valid predictions about more than 450 positions and business-relevant statements on future development of staff on the basis of performance data, from facility manager to CEO.
  • Hogan is continuously improved. A team consisting of more than 40 researchers evaluates every test result to meet the high psychometric standards of evaluation and interpretation.
  • Hogan consultants on all continents provide empirical data, validating studies and ongoing fresh translations of tests and reports.
  • International dimension: Tests and reports are available in more than 40 languages. A high-standard, scientific translation and cultural adaptation of test questions is guaranteed, as well as availability of global and national standards.

HOGAN PERSONALITY INVENTORY (HPI) - "The strengths of personality"

Test describing personality traits that are important for success at work, in social relations, in training and life in general.

The "Hogan Personality Inventory" (HPI) takes a close look at the strengths of a person´s character and assesses essential traits that are conducive to success at work and in social relations. The "Potential Report", based on HPI, describes the impression a person makes on other people, and, from this perspective, makes a statement on the person´s everyday and leadership behavior.

Possible areas of application
Career development of executives - includes a report on executive potential which can be combined with HDS and the MVPI Inventory to collect relevant information on the strengths and development requirements of an executive.

Selection procedure - forms part of a choice procedure consisting of several components to compare candidates to a target-profile. Reports on specific occupations like security jobs can also be prepared.

Individual coaching - evaluation of opportunities and risks and joint elaboration of development steps.

Features / Advantages

  • Useful tool for personal growth
  • "Five Factor Model" of personality psychology as scientific basis
  • Prognosis about how an executive influences corporate atmosphere and culture

HOGAN DEVELOPMENT SURVEY (HDS) - "the weaknesses of personality"

The test describes the strengths and potential obstacles in personal and professional life.

The "Hogan Development Survey" examines the weak sides of personality. Test results ("Challenge Report") describe the way a person is likely to react to mounting pressure or uncertainties. The report provides an overall prognosis about behavioural aspects that may hinder one’s career and points to interpersonal problems that are difficult to make out during an interview. The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) diagnoses eleven interpersonal behavioural patterns that are common in situations of stress and work overload. These behavioural patterns may affect successful cooperation with others, hinder productivity and limit career potential as a whole.

Possible areas of application
Personal growth - supportive of reflection of own behaviour and of change of behavioural patterns that make cooperation with others more difficult.

Team development - describes ability of a person as a team member, and of executive or decision-making bodies like executive board, board of directors, supervisory board or project team. Indicates how cooperation and decision-making can be improved even in times of stress and business crises.

Strategic career planning - in combination with HPI and MVPI, a thorough analysis of general strengths and weaknesses can be made.

Selection and staff development - preparation, in combination with HPI and MVPI, of essential personnel decisions, also in relation to big projects.

Features / Advantages

  • Points to interpersonal problems that are difficult to discern during an interview.
  • Especially useful for executives and staff working in teams or often under stress.
  • An exceptional tool that identifies career obstacles and helps to tackle these unfavourable influences.

- "The inner life of personality"

Describes personal goals and preferences in professional life, in training and life in general.

The "Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory" (MVPI) examines motives and values of a person and measures ten dimensions to determine the basic values of a person. Trying to determine real motives, it rather describes what a person wants to do than what it really does in a specific situation. The MPVI-based report on test results, for example, provides us with information about a candidate’s suitability for a given company and team.

Possible areas of application
Suitability test - determines how well a candidate suits to corporate culture (because humans are happiest when they work in an environment that is compatible with their basic values).

Team development - assesses how well team members harmonize on the basis of their objectives (because congruent objectives are necessary).

Strategic career planning - helps to develop career strategies by revealing fields of interest that should be addressed.

Selection and staff development - preparation, in combination with HPI and HDS, of essential personnel decisions, also in relation to big projects.

Features / Advantages

  • Determines basic values, with emphasis on their actualization at the workplace.
  • Very useful in team building and for revealing of non-purposeful conflicts of interest.
  • Assesses degree of conformity between values of the staff member and those of corporate culture.
  • Practical tool for coaching and self-development.
  • Is based on 80 years of research in motivation psychology.