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Walter partners Executive Consultants is a performance and quality oriented company that strives to convince clients and candidates of the high professional standards guiding our entire work. We aim to grow faster than the market as a whole.

Our mission

  • We live by and respect ethical principles.
  • Our relationship with clients and candidates is characterized by openness, trust and partnership.
  • Our consulting work starts from the needs of the individual client, taking into consideration his specific situation and goals.
  • Cooperation in our team is characterized by fairness.
  • We realize and support the potential of our staff and promote their personal and professional growth.
  • We extend our product portfolios to grow above average.
  • Each project is finished with very good results. We do quality management and benchmarking on a permanent basis. Projects and processes are analyzed with regard to time, efficiency and quality. The results obtained serve as basis for arriving at timely measures to ensure sustained optimization.
  • We continually review and optimize our processes (CIP), engage in permanent learning and take into account the results in our future work.
  • We provide guarantee for the positions filled as a result of our consulting work. Such a guarantee requires far-sighted and diligent work.